Courierpassd, courierpasswd, and courieruserinfo work with the Courier mail server user authentication mechanism. Courier provides an extensive selection of authentication modules and I thought it would be nice to be able to access this functionality from more than just Courier itself. Courierpassd and courierpasswd allow me to forgo the need to maintain mail account information in different places for the webmail package or the anti-spam software I use. I’m using courieruserinfo to facilitate the use of multiple virtual domains on my mail server.

Versions 1.1.0 and above of my Courier utilities make use of the Courier authentication library. As such, they won’t work with anything older than Courier 0.48, Courier-IMAP 4.0, or SqWebMail 5.0. If you’re using older versions of these packages, use version 1.0.1 of my utilities.

TMDA is an anti-spam program that I used to use. You can use it to set up whitelists as well as the more traditional blacklists of email addresses. You can also have it automatically tag addresses in outgoing mail so as to restrict their use. I’ve had one little problem with this package which the patch described below is meant to address. Be sure to read the caveat, however.

Filename Size Checksum
courierpassd-1.0.1.tar.gz 73.5 kB md5 024da5d768bb9f0111fd42f1b3c0e21e
sha1 f46cf725fbcf683e2fa5b73194da2567fccde12e
courierpassd-1.1.2.tar.gz 280.2 kB md5 f481addeff0f8363a373f26720aaed73
sha1 fff4dbaf00a508d82e8067104d7278bbb9ac3105
 courierpasswd-1.0.1.tar.gz  71.8 kB  md5 73def5eb0d8f8b6b696346885c4519e1
sha1 16ee9b6a2b759a5f127545c1cdfe4f47e288b981
 courierpasswd-1.1.3.tar.gz  333.0 kB  md5 25ae5f38e16c6be1ece5c03e1d3f7d2c
sha1 50ffe864a069b25ca3a219d87162e43574008956
 courieruserinfo-1.0.1.tar.gz  68.4 kB  md5 bdfac63e79fd4d7e149df436bb6a253c
sha1 3fe18eb0526d3a2a9325b7a0158c896d2faad215
 courieruserinfo-1.1.2.tar.gz  276.8 kB  md5 38efe36ba1cd6a85985b21cde23a7a03
sha1 0ac8aa7f4e6552a482c0b87091225deba70e7237
 tofmipd-daemon.patch  2.8 kB  md5 300dc97aa9be45f1335c2528b2c317ef
sha1 4dac09597c41a64a0285b84fc3173bd863ffc798

courierpassd is a utility for changing a user’s password from across a network. It uses the same protocol as poppassd to obtain user IDs and passwords. I use this program to allow my mail users to change their own passwords on my mail server from squirrelmail, the webmail application I use.

courierpasswd is a user authentication and password changing utility. It’s interface follows that ofcheckpassword. I use it in conjunction with qmail to authenticate all users sending mail through qmail-smtpd. This is how I restrict who can relay mail through my MTA. courierpasswd is also used by tmda-ofmipd from the TMDA package to identify the user ID associated with outgoing mail.

courieruserinfo is used to retrieve information on user accounts. I use this program to allow tmda-ofmipd from the TMDA package to determine the home directory of virtual mail accounts.

tofmipd-daemon is a patch for tmda-ofmipd which is the program that tags outgoing mail. This program is meant to run in the background as a non-root user but I’ve had problems with it not detaching from its calling process at startup. This causes a second process owned by root to hang around after tmda-ofmipd is started from an init script. This patch eliminates this behaviour.
Caveat Emptor – I wrote this patch back when I was using TMDA 0.62 and I haven’t used it since version 0.68 when I started using supervise to start and stop tmda-ofmipd. I don’t know if this patch still works with current versions of TMDA or even if it’s necessary any more. You should check if you really need it before using it.